`35; WeSupportSeb: Ferrari fans are behind Vettel

It is to despair: Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari are still searching for solutions to the continuing problems in Formula 1 even at the end of the first season round. At the Canadian Grand Prix, the crisis is starting again.

Sebastian Vettel has caused his fans to suffer, not from malicious intent, of course, but from an unpleasant regularity. No pole position, no victory, the title chances reduced much too early to a minimum –the fifth Formula One season in the Ferrari cockpit is for the four-time World Champion and his followers so far characterized by disappointments and setbacks.

Before the Great Prize of Canada on Sunday (20:10 clock MESZ/RTL) indicates little of this, that Vettel succeeds in reversing the trend in overseas. Even Ferrari team leader Mattia Binotto has little hope.

We know that we are not competitive enough at the moment,”said the 49-year-old, who was amazingly clear:”In the foreseeable future we have no possibility of changing the car, who could have a decisive influence on our problems.”

Ferrari team leader:”Do not have a magical solution”

After all: Belief in the base is unbroken – Vettel’s biggest fans make mobile in the Internet. Among the hashtags \35; WeSupportSeb (“We support Seb”) or \35; AlwaysBelieveInSeb (“Always Believe in Seb”) a fan page collects cheers for the last highly trained German.

Anything is allowed, what Vettel could build and thus perhaps contribute to a turn in the seemingly hopeless WM fight with Mercedes: greetings, photos, drawings. In a bound form, they will be presented to Vettel in July at the Grand Prix Silverstone. Until then, Vettel and Ferrari have three more Grand Prixes to go. As soon as we arrive in Montreal, the crisis must finally deliver. This will be difficult enough.

“We are going to Canada in the same car,” Binotto said: “We have no magic solution. We have only one other line, other tires, other external conditions.”

Binotto and the Reds have to fix two persistent sources of error at once. The patchers of the strategists, who in the Principality of Monaco Vettel’s teammate Charles Leclerc have been recalculated into the debacle, are probably easier to correct than the technical defects of the SF90.

Vettel with 55 points behind Hamilton

The supposed miracle car paralyses in slow turns. On the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve with its long straight lines, this problem should be less important. The difficulties of constantly bringing the tyres to the right temperature in the current car, on the other hand, continue to cause head breaks.

“We are still not where we want to be. We have a lot of work ahead of us,”said Vettel, who, with rank two in Monaco, achieved his best seasonal result so far, but mainly benefited from the mistakes of the competition. Mercedes, according to Vettel quite right, is still “the measure of things”.

Already 55 points behind the World Cup third Vettel after only six races on Mercedes World Champion Lewis Hamilton. Throughout the season, he has been waiting for a victory since the 14th race. The pressure on the haystack is no less.

Vettel is victorious in Canada, he has already proved, albeit under other conditions. 2013 and 2018 the 31-year-old won, in both cases he started from the starting place one.” I will do my best for a good result,”said Vettel now.

Vettel can count on the support of his followers in any case. The deadline for sending the various greetings ends on June 10th, one day after the race in Montreal. So there would still be room for congratulations on the first season victory in the planned fan book.