“90 percent” Lewandowski shakes the competition

Robert Lewandowski contested 2019/20 31 league games for FC Bavaria Munich and scored outstanding 34 hits. Now the 31-year-old has expressed himself, among other things, on the temporarily faltering Torrekord of Bavarian legend Gerd Muller.

Lewandowski, who in his previous 321 games in the German Upper House comes to fabulous 236 gates and thus already ranks three of the eternal Bundesliga top list, does not believe t hat the 40 Bud, the Muller In the season 1971/72 reached, were ever bid.

“I don’t think any player in the world can make it today to shoot 40 goals in the Bundesliga. If we had 38-game Bundesliga, maybe we could talk about it again. But with the strain of modern football it becomes quite difficult,”Lewandowski explained in a conversation with the”Sports Image”.

He was”just proud”of his personal best mark of 34 Gates, Lewandowski said, but does not yet see himself at the end of the flagpole.

“I am getting to be 32-year-old in August, but I am Feel like 27, 28. Sometimes even younger. I want to play on top level for a very long time, I’ll give anything for it. I don’t see a limit for myself, it’s even better,”said the Pole. He is currently seeing himself at “90 percent” and wants to go beyond his “limits.” Statements in which the competition is likely to get soft knees.

FC Bayern has “great chances” on the Henkelpott

The fans of FC Bayern may therefore still look forward to many hits of the routiner. Lewandowski admits to having been busy with a change to Real Madrid, but last summer he signed a new contract by the end of June 2023 in the Isar and now he belongs “to 100 percent to FC Bavaria”.

The attacker finally wants to celebrate his first title in the Champions League with the Munich. 2020 he sees “a great chance” to get the Henkelpott to Munich. We are in good shape, we have good chemistry on the team,”says Lewandowski.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the royal class will be decided this year in the form of a final tournament in Lisbon. In the middle of August, the first quarterfinals will rise. For FC Bavaria, the eighth-final rematch against FC Chelsea is still on the agenda. After the 3:0-success in London probably just a formality and according to Lewandowski a good way to “get back on the road”.