After F1 sale: Drivers hope for improvement

Formula One drivers around Ferrari-Star Sebastian Vettel combine great hopes for a better future with the sale of the royal class to the US media company Liberty Media. The formula 1 must become more exciting and spectacular again, but above all appeal to younger fans, according to the unanimous opinion in the driver’s camp.

Our audience is too old, and that is a pity, because the formula 1 is more interesting than Pokemon Go,”said former world champion Jenson Button. The McLaren pilot believes that Formula One can be at least as fascinating as the mobile game: “If someone can inspire people for Pokemons that don’t exist in reality, then I guess we will, to inspire them for formula 1.”

The premium race series must be presented more contemporary in the future.” People who don’t know formula 1 don’t see them as sports. They’re driving a car, so what?”said Haas-driver Romain Grosjean, demanding to better transport the backgrounds and loads for the pilots:”Maybe there are new technologies and new ideas to show, the drivers in the cockpit are high-performance athletes.”

Vettel wants more for the ears

Ex-World Champion Fernando Alonso once offered the support of the new owners to billionaire John Malone:”We all hope for the best and are ready to help, Vettel hopes to return to the noisy V12 engines in the future. The 29-year-old wants “twice as many cylinders and less complicated electronics”.

Moreover, most drivers want more competition in the field again. The fans “want more fight between drivers and teams on the track,” said Clean Driver Felipe Nasr. And Toro-Rosso driver Carlos Sainz Jr. said, “It can only get better.”

Liberty Media pays approximately 8,5 billion US dollars to the previous main shareholder CVC for formula 1 as a whole. The first instalment has already been referred to, and the deal will be finalised before the end of the first quarter of 2017, once the FIA and the European Cartel Office have given their agreement. In addition to the new CEO Chase Carey, promoter Bernie Ecclestone is to remain on board for another three years.