After forced descent: HSV celebrates start-up victory

Successful new start for HSV Hamburg in the 3rd league: Eight months after the bankruptcy of the Champions League winner of 2013, the newly formed Hanseatic team won their first mandatory game.

For the league act of the North season, the North Germans fought at DHK Flensborg in front of 1000 spectators with 30:21 (13:12). The most successful goalkeepers on the side of the HSV were foresters and wellers with eight or more. Seven hits. Also strong: Keeper Dominik Plaue.

“The first game is always something special. In the first half of the year, we made too many simple mistakes. Catching only 21 opponents is of course great and also highlights our strong defensive performance. Now we are glad that we have the first two points,”Plaue said after the match on the united homepage.

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