After Gasly Penalty: Horner calls for change

Pierre Gasly has to start from the boxing alley into the Formula One race in Baku. In Friday’s training, the Frenchman disregarded the instructions to go on the scale. Even worse: In addition, a complete tyre change was carried out, which is why the racing commissioners had no choice but to pronounce the sentence.

Christian Horner, who sees this rule as a remnant from a long time ago, desires a change of rules.

He committed the offence, There’s no doubt about it,”Horner says to”Sky.” However, the punishment does not fit the rule. This rule still exists from the time the qualifying was run on Friday. If the qualifying has failed, the training times have been used,”explains the Red Bull boss.

However, there is an argument against the team leader’s words: Should the training and qualifying fail on Saturday, the time from Friday would still be used for the starting lineup. But it is very unlikely that this will happen.

Horner is calling for reform of penalties

According to Horner, the punishment in itself is too harsh to start from the boxing alley. He says, “Let him start from behind or disqualify him for training,” says the team leader.

“So the fans have now been robbed of a car that could possibly have kept up at the top. This punishment simply does not fit the offence,”he complains.

Generally Horner hopes some reforms in the royal class:”We should revise all stupid punishments that do not reflect the offence –especially when it comes to Friday.”He also tells, that the Commissioners, too, did not agree with the severity of the penalty, but did not have any other option because of the regulatory text. Horner emphasizes: “It’s not her fault!”

Red Bull has already reacted because of the penalty: Since Gasly has to start out of the boxing alley anyway, the gearbox is replaced in his Red Bull bolt. Due to the offence on Friday, the Frenchman does not have to fear any further major disadvantages due to the change of component.