After Hungary tests we go to the summer break

For Sebastian Vettel, boredom is the highest emotion during the summer break. The four-week Grand Prix break in formula 1 meant time for us to relax,”said the Ferrari star after the last race before the ski break in Hungary.

“I look forward to a bit of boredom, to the time at home, to a few quiet days with the family,”Vettel continued. The World Cup leader can’t turn it off completely anyway. There is enough need for clarification.

Formula 1 has approached a summer break over the years. 2001 ordered the race series to take an unofficial break of three weeks. From 2009 onwards, the former gentlemen’s agreement has developed into a binding agreement through the so-called Resource Restriction Agreement.

Originally, this should mitigate the immense costs. The former Mercedes technology director Paddy Lowe once described the break in the innovation world as a “pause in fire” of the now 245-day PS-hat. It is as if time stood still, that is really extraordinary,”remarked Lowe.

Factories must be closed

After the tests in Budapest Mercedes, Ferrari & Co. must shut down their factories completely for two weeks. Valves on the cars are as forbidden as official work correspondence. Pilots as well as mechanics do just as well after half the world tour. Now we have time to recharge the batteries and go into the second half of the season with fresh energy,”said Mercedes team leader Toto Wolff.

In spa at the end of August the silver arrows want to continue the hunt for top rider Sebastian Vettel. With his Hungarian victory, the German Ferrari star completed a strong six-month period and has a 14-point lead on Lewis Hamilton.

Capsules can’t be taken by team leaders and drivers. There’s too much to figure out– it’s time to start thinking and making phone calls. There would be the driver’s market, there would be Vettel himself in particular. His contract with Scuderia expires at the end of this season. Concrete negotiations are announced for the summer break. Ferrari and his German star are expected to cancel the announcement of further collaboration for the home audience in Monza in early September.

McLaren-changeover to Renault continues theme

Some engine partnerships are also unclear. Fernando Alonso, whose contract ends this year, will pay close attention to this. With place six, he entered Hungary one of his best results in three years McLaren-Honda and then posed figuratively in a recliner in the boxing alley. For the champion of 2005 and 2006, however, this is far too little in the autumn of his career!

McLaren has lost hope that the Japanese will upgrade their engines to the World Cup. The team has long been speculating about switching from Woking to Renault.