Almost daily at the team: Sirotkin collects working points

No, the debut season in formula 1 for Rookie Sergey Sirotkin is certainly not easy so far. Along with Haas-Pilot Romain Grosjean, the young Russian is the only driver who has not yet collected a WM point.

With the hopelessly inferior Williams FW41, he is constantly lagging behind –last time he had to pass at the Grand Prix in Barcelona on Friday for test riders Robert Kubica, In the race he was then beaten down last and was plagued with pain that caused problems with his seat since the beginning of the season.

As if that were not enough, the Williams drivers are constantly being criticised from the outside. Too young, too bad, too inexperienced – pure paydrivers, so the reputation of Sirotkin and teammate Lance Stroll among many observers. For 2018, the decision was made to put money first. This is not enough to have a successful season,”even former pilot Felipe Massa blatantly cursed against his successors at the English Traditional Rehab.

Sirotkin but has his own approach, According to his own information, he occasionally works with the team day and night until exhaustion. Almost daily he is at the factory in Grove and tries to get involved.” Yeah, I’m making my life harder. It’s really hard and sometimes I’m really done, but it’s my own decision. If I wanted to, I could spend three times less time in the factory and still do all my chores I’d have to do. But I want to help where I can,”he describes in an interview with””his workbook.

Claire Williams is impressed by Sirotkin

Team leader Claire Williams confirms this and says she has not yet met any drivers who spend more time with the team:”He is almost there every day. You can’t underestimate that. It’s not just the work he does in the simulator. He runs around the factory and talks to the employees at the Fanshop.”The daughter of Sir Frank Williams impresses so much effort. This is quite a feat when you are new to the team and want to get to know 500 or 600 people.”

Your pilots take them out of the line of fire and defend them against criticism from the outside.” We didn’t give him the material to show his talent. Every new driver wants to show what he’s got, but in spite of everything, he’s kept his moral high ground and he’s putting in a lot of work. We are really impressed by his attitude and approach,”says the 41-year-old.

Sirotkin has already done good work on the track -“but lack of drive on the ground floor and on the diffuser up to the current bridge makes the FW41 temporarily unfathomable, revealed in Barcelona Williams consultant Alexander Wurz.” That’s really, really hard,”the 22-year-old Russian sighs. It doesn’t help, of course, when you see yourself as a rookie facing so many problems at once.”In the next breath, however, he is again combative:”If I manage to overcome these challenges, with the team together, go through this difficult time, then we will soon be very proud of ourselves.”