Alonso is brilliant at Button’s title drive

Jenson Button celebrated the championship in the legendary Trophy of the All-Star series on Saturday. The eyes were once again on Fernando Alonso, who was able to enter his fourth consecutive victory. After the two previous victories in Indianapolis, Alonso also won both races in Silverstone.

Alonso was the first race to start from the pole position and did not let himself be taken in the race. The second was Jenson Button, who was able to fix his title early with this result. Rank three went to Jan Magnussen.

Also the second race with reverse starting position went to the two-time Formula One World Champion, who had already come forward from the very back to square four after the first round. Even a little contact with Michel Jourdain Jun. did not bring him out of the step and he was the first to drive before Dario Franchitti and Juan Pablo Montoya over the finish line.

When I made my debut weeks ago, I had just installed my simulator,”says Alonso.”I had just installed my simulator.” It was a bit chaotic and the car is difficult to drive the first time. Of course I knew Silverstone very well, that was an advantage this weekend.”

25.000 dollars for Jenson Button

For his title Jenson Button could distribute 25.000 US dollars for non-profit purposes that he gave to the organization”No Kid Hungry.” The last few months have been a lot of fun. And driving the Brabham and then the IndyCar was pretty cool,”he says.

“In Silverstone I had some problems getting the car to work with the long curves and the und er steering. Nevertheless, the first race was pretty good, and the second time I was shot in the first corner and was pretty much the last.”

In the last lap the Brit slowed down still because he had previously shot Emanuele Pirro, who had stepped on the brake earlier than expected due to a car in front of him.” For me it was only fair to give him back the position,”says Button.

About his former teammate Alonso he says:”In the first race Fernando was just fast, and that’s why he won. In the second, he stayed out of everything. When you’re fighting for the championship, you usually take it easy in curve 1, but this time I just let it go and it went wrong.”

More titles to Aston Martin and Mercedes

In the Pro Cup, Nicki Thiim and Aston Martin were able to win the driver and team title in a dramatic way. Esteban Gutierrez, the leading Esteban Gutierrez, was able to win race one, but was unable to start in the second race due to technical problems. Thiim had to fight at least from the back to the top ten and managed this by an accident in the last round.

Mercedes lost the team title as well, but was able to enter it at least in the Sim Masters Championship for Pro Sim Racers. Bono Huis won the championship there.

season three of the All-Star series starts on June 6th.