Alonso stabs against Vettel: Leclerc more potential

Even before his first race after the comeback Fernando Alonso commented on the status quo of formula 1. The Spaniard of the royal class does not give a really good testimony. And Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel do not fare well in the Spanish assessment, unlike Michael Schumacher.

After seven Mercedes titles in a row (six for Lewis Hamilton, one for Nico Rosberg) the formula 1 leaks after a new world champion. But there will be no 2021. At least the two-time champion Fernando Alonso is convinced of this.

Mercedes will win again, Hamilton will win again,”the Spaniard drew a gloomy picture for the coming season in the interview with”RAI Sport”. Red Bull will also defend his second place, the “samurai” is convinced. Only the fight for place three was still open.

Except for the question for the 39-year-old, Hamilton would not have entered his titles without the help of the silver arrow.” Without a winning car, there is no dominance. If you introduce a series of titles, there is also a technical superiority. This is what happened to Hamilton,”says Alonso, who does not see an isolated case in the UK. Vettel at Red Bull and he himself at Renault in the World Championships 2005 and 2006 would have benefited from this advantage, according to the Routinier.

Mercedes is driving in another league, the example of George Russell has shown. In five days, not about 100’s, he’s gone from last to first. Everything without divine inspiration, without meditation in Tibet or some shit. It was enough to get into a Mercedes,”said the Spaniard. This case is enough to explain the current status of the royal class: “The truth is: In the last seven years only one team has won.”

“Leclerc has more potential than Vettel”

Alonso also provided an explanation for the fall of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari last year.” After five years, it was clear that he would not be the savior, that Leclerc had more potential,”the two-time world champion stabbed Heppenheimer, who clearly drew the short in the duel with Charles Leclerc.

Outside of any competition stands for Alonso the seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, who always gave the Spaniard a hard fight in a submerged car: “My Renault was faster than his Ferrari, but he was always there and fought. I was convinced I hung him, but I didn’t. We’re talking about a legend here. That’s how legends tick, and it’s important that we remember them that way.”

With Mick’s entry, the”Legend Shoemaker”will revive the royal class. Alonso is facing this moment: “We met here and there. He’s a good boy. That he is driving in Formula One is great news for all of us.”