Angry Zorc can’t understand Captain’s debate

In the end, Michael Zorc also took the same expression of strength as four days before his captain Marco Reus.

“We are very early in the season. But when I watch the reporting, I feel like we are at the end of the season, have missed all the goals and played a shitty season”, The manager of Borussia Dortmund.

The mood is apparently tense with the vice-master, who had researched the title as a goal before the season and is currently with ten points third.

What Zorc so chaffed was the same question as on Sunday at Reus: The possible lack of mentality at the BVB. “What Zorc so chaffed was the same question as on Sunday This is premature. And I cannot fully understand this whole direction of impact,”Zorc noted.

Reus had explained on Sunday after the late victory at the 2:2 in Frankfurt in front of the running”Sky”camera, among other things, the discussion goes”on his balls”and grunts:”You with your mentality shit. Every week the same one The “picture” had then titled in a comment, including his current crisis in form: “Reus is the wrong BVB captain!”

Zorc also found this discussion inappropriate and pure media theme. Marco Reus is our captain, and he remains our captain,”he made clear. There is’no reason, but no reason at all, to change anything about it. There you can write as much as you like.”He accused a journalist of a”wet-researched way.”

BVB-Manager Zorc annoys:”I don’t see us on a descent site”

Coach Lucien Favre also left no doubt about it, “Germany’s Footballer of the Year” despite an alternative such as the defence chief Mats Hummels returned from Bavaria in the summer.

“I don’t know why you’re asking me this,” said the Swiss: “Mats Hummels is very important for the team. But Marco did it very, very well last year. And he is doing it very, very well now.”

Obviously, however, the BVB is currently struggling mainly outside. And Reus is currently unable, especially at critical moments, to give the important impetus to counteract. Zorc acknowledged the problems outside, as well as renewing his criticism that his team in Frankfurt did not push the 2:0 enough after the tour.

“But I don’t see us on a descent,” he annoyed, “And basically I don’t see us in such a bad position. That’s why I don’t know where you see the big problems with us right now. Zorc says that the term “mentality” should usually be “when it doesn’t work.” When asked if there was a mental or quality problem at the BVB, the manager replied: “Neither do I.”

Favre also did not want to conduct the discussion.” We have to stop arguing,”said the Swiss:”It is easy to say it is because of mentality. But the interpretation of mentality is not easy. Last year we also made mistakes and gifts. And no one has spoken of mentality.”

The highlights of the press conference for reading:

++ That’s it! +++

A very volatile press conference with Favre and Zorc is over. The provocative questions of some reporters have rejected the BVB-makers with astonishing sharpness. No question: the BVB is fun to fight before the Bremen game!

++ Zorc at the start of the season of the BVB +++

“When I look at the coverage just this week, I feel like we are at the end of the season, missing all the goals and playing a shit season. I can’t share and I can’t understand the whole thrust. […] There is always a certain dissatisfaction, of course, if we have not made three points –we have reached a certain height here. The challenge in the coming weeks is to perform externally as we have done in the last season.”

+++ Favre to a possible Hummel Failure ++++

“We do not know if he is playing yet. He’s not gonna do all the games this season anyway. It will be difficult for all players to make all the games. If Mats is there, it would be better.”

+++ Zorc to Captain Marco Reus +++

“Marco is our captain and remains our captain. We have a healthy hierarchy with him, Lukasz Piszczek, Axel Witsel and, of course, Mats Hummels. There’s no reason to change that at all. You can write as much as you want. We have a very clear position there.”

++ Favre to Captain Marco Reus +++

“I think he’s doing very, very well. He did well last year. Mats Hummels has proven to be very important to the team. But Marco Reus is doing his job very, very well.”

+++ Favre as an opponent of Becoming Bremen +++

“We played against Bremen three times last year. It was always very difficult. They have a very good team, are very well organized and very difficult to play. That is beyond question. […] Florian Kohfeldt changes the system very often during a game. This makes it difficult.”

++ Zorc for the mentality debate +++

“Mentality must hold for much. It’s usually taken when it doesn’t work. We have neither a mental nor a quality problem. I won’t see you at a drop point. I have personally criticised the fact that, after the 1:0 in Frankfurt, we failed to decide the game for us early. […] Basically, I don’t see us in such a bad position. I don’t know where you see the big problems with us.”

+++ Favre for the mental debate ++

“It’s too easy to say it’s because of the mentality. We were close to a victory in Frankfurt, but for me we played well, but we can do better. Unfortunately, we only shot two goals and, of course, one can be upset that we have scored two points. But now we have to look forward.”

++ Favre to staff +++

“Nico Schulz will not be there. At Mats Hummels, we’ll see what we can do tomorrow. We must wait.”

++ The press conference begins +++

Lucien Favre and Michael Zorc are there. Here we go!

++ Here we go! +++

In a few minutes, trainers and sports director will take their seats on the podium in order to get their questions answered by the journalists present. We’re excited!

++ Will Mats Hummels be fit in time? +++

The BVB fears Mats Hummels before the Bremen game. If the head of defense can run, he may decide on Thursday. Hummels had been replaced in Frankfurt after 63 minutes with back pain.

For Borussia a failure of the former national player would be a serious blow. Hummels was last in top form, one of the best boutiques both at 0:0 in the Champions League against FC Barcelona and in Frankfurt. An update on the health status of the routiner should follow on the PK.

++ Wutrede by Marco Reus triggers captain debate from +++

After the 2:2 at Eintracht Frankfurt last Sunday the BVB had to deal with a mentality debate. Marco Reus and his aptitude as BVB captain were also criticized.

In Frankfurt, the 30-year-old was among the weakest in Dortmund, After the game on the “Sky” microphone, however, a Wutrede (“Don’t give me the mentality shit. It’s so hard on me”) could be dragged.

Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke defended the national player. The discussion about the captain’s ties for Marco Reus leads in Dortmund nobody,”the 60-year-old explained in the”kicker”. However, further enquiries are to be expected in the course of the PK.

+++ BVB against becoming a clear favorite +++

Before the duel with the broken brakes does not indicate much of a point loss of the landlords. Under Lucien Favre, the signal Iduna Park is a real fortress: With the Swiss on the sidelines, the BVB 16 won from 19 Bundesliga home games, played only twice undecided and only scored a foul (2:4 in the derby against Schalke).

In addition, Borussia won eleven of the last twelve league home games against Bremen. In early February, however, Werder retained the upper hand in the eighth finals of the DFB Cup.