Barrichello complains about Schumi: Never supported me

From 2000 to 2005, Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello fought side by side for Ferrari for points, wins and championships. Although Barrichello said the duo understood each other well, the Brazilian would have expected more support from the record world champion.

I have always been friendly and had a good relationship with all my teammates. This includes Michael,”said Barrichello in the podcast”Beyond the Grid”.

At the same t im e, the 47-year-old today restricted:”But he never supported me. He was never there to help us.”Barrichello, according to his own statement, had no doubts about the driving qualities of shoemakers at any time.”Barrichello had no doubts about the driving qualities of shoemakers.” Especially in the fast curves he was incredible and very brave. I even took more speed from the slow turns. Ross [Brawn] has told him so many times that he has to do something different. I think we both pushed ourselves to a new level. And it is not easy to take Michael to a new level,”Barrichello gave insights into working with the record champion.

“If I compare myself to Michael, I would say it ends 70:30. He was better than me. He was complete, never had bad days or was vulnerable,”praised”Rubinho”the Kerpener.

However, if Ferrari had let the two pilots fight with the same weapons, the Brazilian said,”simply with the same strategy for both, then I could have won at least one World Cup title”. His status as number two of the Scuderia makes no difference now: “This is part of the past. I did not win the World Cup, but I am happy because I tried it.”