Basler: That’s why I don’t get a trainer job anymore

The former Bundesliga star Mario Basler has apparently said goodbye to the idea of once again being in an official position in German professional football.

In an interview with “the 51-year-old was above all the reason for his controversial personality.” We former players who had their own heads and opinions, including Stefan Effenberg, are simply no longer wanted,”said the 51-year-old who, as head coach, has only been in underclass clubs such as Eintracht Trier in recent years, Wacker Burghausen or Red-White Oberhausen appeared.

Ohnehin is very disturbed by the fact that there are virtually no “independent players” in today’s professional business: “You hear the same sentences after every game, after every interview, even if they are different players. One feels that the press spokesmen are dictating what to say.”

Basler:”Beer and vodka Lemon do not necessarily have to hurt”

Basler himself, who celebrated several German championships and DFB Cups with SV Werder Bremen and FC Bavaria Munich, During his active time, he was considered an Enfant Terrible in the Bundesliga and made some legendary escapades.

The Pfalzer himself is, however, completely at peace with himself when he looks back on the player’s career: “I regret nothing in my life. Also his often criticized lifestyle as a Bundesliga kicker defended the 262-time original player: “One can argue about whether the football was good or bad, which I played. In any case, it does not necessarily harm to drink one or other beer or vodka lemon or to smoke one or other cigarette.”