Because of Senna: Hamilton is happy about the Hidden Podium

The Honda podium by Max Verstappen at the Formula One race in Melbourne was also enjoyed by competitor Lewis Hamilton. He recalls the glorious McLaren Honda years with Ayrton Senna.

Honda engineers had tears of joy flowing in Melbourne, and relief spread. Because with Red Bull pilot Max Verstappen, the Japanese engine manufacturer for the first time since 2008 drove again to the Formula One podium.

The Dutch man was able to overtake Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari by his own power and put pressure on Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes. The incumbent World Champion rejoices at the strengthened form of the Japanese and remembers back to his childhood.

I can still remember how I grew up and saw Ayrton ride with Honda,”the Brit says after the season attack. Hamilton has repeatedly emphasized that the three-time World Champion is his great example.

Captures were missing in the goal 1634 seconds on the Mercedes pilot. According to Hamilton, this would prove that Honda can be expected again.” Back then, they were a great power. So it is great to see them so far ahead again.”

Hamilton means the dominant years of McLaren-Honda in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Senna secured the World Series Championship with the Japanese team in Heck 1988, 1990 and 1991. 2015 wanted to link the McLaren team together with Honda to the successes of the glorious past, which ended in a disaster.

Lewis Hamilton: “It is nice to see this improvement”

Red Bull then seized the chance and struck a deal for 2018 with Toro Rosso and Honda. A year later the top team is also supplied by the Japanese.

“It is nice to see this improvement that has brought for the team. They worked with Renault for so long and now they were able to overtake a Ferrari. I think that’s really great,”comments Hamilton on the change.

“Red Bull has come with us and I think that this year we will see a really nice fight between the three of us. There was something wrong with Ferrari this weekend. Yet I think her car is good,”the Brit stresses. He expects competition from Italy and Japan.

As a “surprise” he describes the failure of McLaren pilot Carlos Sainz. It is definitely a surprise to see one of the Renault engines on fire, but I hope that they can maintain their reliability so that we can see a close fight.”Overall, the British prophesy”a very interesting season”.