Bender: Havertz “cannot be seen in the cards”

Captain Lars Bender of Bayer Leverkusen expects an early decision on the future of the converted national football player Kai Havertz.

“The season will soon begin. That is why I do not think it will be long before a decision is made,”said Bender. Whether Havertz stays or where he goes, he does not know, assured Bender. Everyone is curious what the guy is doing,”said the 31-year-old,”I think there are talks, maybe even with different clubs, and maybe he has already made a decision for himself. But I don’t think the last word has been spoken yet.”

Media reports say Havertz is facing a change to FC Chelsea, which, however, has not yet secured the Champions League participation and is not yet ready, Bayer demanded to pay the 100 million euros in ransom.

“There he cannot be looked at in the cards”

The 21-year-old Havertz did not talk to his teammates about his decision-making, Bender said.” If he told me, he would tell others. And then it would be clear that such information would eventually come out,”said the former national player,”He won’t let himself be looked at in the cards.”

The team does not feel annoyed or uncertain by the constant speculations, the captain assured.”We are dealing with this relatively sovereign,”he said,”It is We were all aware that the subject was getting bigger. At the moment he is part of the team, and we like having him around us.”

Bender thinks about career end

Bender himself apparently deals with a career end in the foreseeable future after numerous injuries. Injuries cause stab wounds to the heart. There, too, one or other scar has arisen or been torn up,”he said, adding,”Of course there are some consequences to consider.”

On the question of whether the following season could be his last in the light of his expiring contract in the summer 2021, Bender replied: “There are thoughts in many directions, but I do not want to go into them. This is a permanent process, but there is no place for it at the moment.”

Last season, the 19th-time national player missed out on a number of minor muscle injuries and above all a stubborn lump on the jumping joint in total 20 games.” It’s got me again. This has caused and triggered a lot in me,”the Bavarian captain explained now.

Basically, however, he was still fully motivated, not least with regard to the final European League tournament in August in North Rhine-Westphalia.”I’m sorry. It’s about a title, there’s fire and greed,”Bender said,”I’ll see that I can play all the games at the tournament and then go into the next season with a good feeling. Playing and winning always distracts quite well, that gives a high feeling.”