Borki is a fan of new entrances

A few days before the Cup with KFC Uerdingen, the atmosphere at the BVB is shining. After winning the Super Cup against FC Bavaria, the Dortmunders are bursting with confidence. Keeper Roman Burki is also in a positive mood, but warns against premature euphoria.

In the “t-online” interview, the 28-year-old plays down the importance of the first measure of strength between master and vice.” The outcome of the game is no more than a little finger-pointing for both teams to know what they still have to work on in the two weeks leading up to the start of the Bundesliga,”said the Swiss, the “two teams are still in the middle of preparation”.

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There is still little doubt about the goal for the new season. Also thanks to renowned new entrances such as Mats Hummels, Julian Brandt and Nico Schulz, Borussia is once again being treated as a title candidate.

For Burki only logical: “As a BVB fan I would look forward to the many good and new players we have joined in the summer. There are really interesting new characters involved.”

The recent transfers would”show that the managers of Borussia Dortmund are doing a good job.”More:”Players from other clubs know what we are capable of. And because of the other commitments these players could also imagine what we could become. And the clearly defined goal may have given the final result for a change.”

A special job was given to leftist Schulz, who had come from Hoffenheim for around 25 million euros.” Nico plays very bodily, very bitchy; someone like him may have missed us in certain situations during the last season,”said Burki.

BVB-Keeper Burki argues for unrestricted inputs and outputs

In the same interview, Burki used the opportunity, to criticize the video evidence and to encourage a radical change in the rules in football.

“I would like to see every player from our cadre included in a game. That every team can change as often as they want, and not after three changes is over,”said the Swiss.

The 28-year-old founded this idea with motivational aspects for his team.”The team is not a team. Because everyone here at BVB deserves to play. And it is sometimes very hard to see when a player has been there twice in a row but has not been given a bet time. This would be good for morale,”he explained in the conversation already held in the BVB training camp in Switzerland.

The video evidence shows that Burki sees football robbed of many emotions.”The video evidence shows that the football is being robbed of a lot of emotions.” Football has lived on euphoria. When someone used to shoot a goal, the fans cheered. Today you rejoice and are disappointed again because it is decided that the gate must be checked again by video proof. My impression is that today’s jubilee is no longer the same as before: you used to have this wow effect,”said the closing man.