Bottas: F1 gets faster up to five seconds

With the new technical regulation, which includes, among other things, more ready cars, bigger wings and wider tires, the formula 1 in season 2017 is intended to become not only spectacular but also faster.

Five seconds increase p er lap had preceded the regulators, However, according to Valtteri Bottas, this objective is not achieved on all routes. It depends on the route, but I guess between two and five seconds,”the Finnish forecasts the time gain.

Because when driving with the new car in the simulator it has been shown that formula 1 2017 does not get faster everywhere. On the straight it is slower, in the curves faster and overall the roundtimes are faster,”Bottas illustrates his impressions. The larger wings increase the drift, combined with a larger car and tyres, but also the air resistance.

How do the tyres react?

Therefore, the time gain will remain in the foreseeable framework above all on fast routes, Bottas expects. “The time gain will therefore remain in the foreseeable framework.” On routes such as Monza, there will be more than two seconds, on routes affected by the higher drift, rather five.”However, in this calculation, there is another great unknown that has an influence on the rounding times: the new, broader Pirelli tyres. We can only estimate in the simulator how the tyre mixtures will be,”says Bottas.

Generally, after his travels in the simulator, the Finnish shows enthusiasm for the new bolts. It’s faster and feels a lot better. It has more mechanical grip and due to aerodynamics,”he says. It’s gonna be a little harder to get everything out of the car. You have to push harder to find the limit. And because of the higher curve speeds, a mistake can have bigger consequences.”