Brave thesis for 2020: “Germany will be European Champion!”

At the end of the sport year 2019, the The FC Bavaria really only lands in the Europa League? The FC Bavaria is a member of the European League. Does Germany win the football championship surprisingly? And is there another German victory at the four-legged tournament?

Lars Plantholt: What if everything really comes to an end and with the VfL Osnabbridge eventually the club also ascends to the Bundesliga, which with 17 as many playing times as any other club among those who have never made it to the Oberhaus, in the 2nd. Liga has spent.

Mats-Yannick Roth: We are back! Germany will become European Football Champion.

Luis Holuch: Max Verstappen will become Formula One World Champion 2020. He has now learned all the lessons from Red Bull and Honda and is now getting the horse he needs to jump all the hurdles.

Jonas Schlott: The FC Bavaria lands in the Europa League because the team simply cannot rest. The constant discussion about a new trainer, the spectre of injury and the strong competition from Dortmund, Leipzig, Gladbach and Schalke lead to: that after more than ten years the German record champion has to take the “Loser Cup” again.

Henrik Kuhl: The German national team rises like phoenix from the ashes and becomes European champion 2020. After the reintroduced lion troop in Munich fiddles away France, Portugal and opponent X, “The team” in June and July plays in a frenzy and crowns as last 1996 in the motherland of football as the best team in the continent. By the way, Joshua Kimmich becomes the tournament player, the goalie cannon catches Timo Werner.

Thomas Malzacher (editor at Robert Lewandowski shoots Poland for the EM title.

Tom Kuhner: A German wins the four-chance tournament. Since 2002, German ski-jumping fans have been waiting for the overall victory of a DSV-Adler. Now it’s time. Karl Geiger presents himself in the best condition so far and is sure to travel as a co-favorite to Oberstdorf. The 26-year-old gets a coup right at his home game at the Shadow Mountain Dance. He gives him wings, until the end of the tour in Bischofshofen Geiger no longer gives the lead.

Jannik Kube: 2020 Joachim Leo’s term as a federal trainer ends. After the World Cup debacle of 2018, the German national football team also fails early in the upcoming European Championship. After two bad tournaments, the DFB decides to switch to the coach position. For Joachim Lion, this means the end of his 14-year term as a federal trainer.

Jonas Hofmann: The German national football team fails at the EM 2020 in the preliminary round

Jonas Hofmann: Joachim Lion remains a federal trainer. Against France and Portugal, the DFB team sees no country without a clear tactical idea and again embarrasses itself at a major tournament. However, since the association still lacks strong people who question the World Champion trainer, Lion is allowed to continue and initiate the next change.