BVB-“Powerbank” teaches opponents fear

With two stunning performances last week, Borussia Dortmund has won the table leading in the Federal Football League. One of the main reasons for the strong start of the season of the BVB is precisely the reserve bank of the black clubs!

If the board is stretched on the side line to change into the air, it is currently driving a lot of fear sweat to the opponent’s forehead. For Coach Lucien Favre has not only shown a happy hand on several occasions during his changes, but also has with Jadon Sancho and Paco Alcacer probably the most dangerous Jokers of the league at the moment.

Last victim of the Dortmund “Powerbank”: Bayer Leverkusen. After a 0:2 delay, the BVB turned the game with a intoxicating second half, mainly thanks to its noble reservists. The 18-year-old Sancho prepared the compensation of Marco Reus with a picture book account one minute after his change and then the cold-blooded Alcazar with his two hits provided the rest.

Sancho and Alcazar with top statistics

The Spanish-English offensive combination achieved four so far the five BVB reservist gates and despite minimal usage time supplied bear-strong statistics. Alcazar met three times in just fifty minutes and Sancho prepared five hits in 124 minutes. Thus, the young Englishman who extended his contract on Tuesday to 2022 is currently even the best champion of all the top European leagues.

So it is not surprising that the wing stormer is crowded with praise. The opponent knows that we have a real weapon in place as soon as Jadon comes in,”says Captain Marco Reus. We are glad to have such an ace up our sleeve.”Sports director Michael Zorc goes one step further:”The extent to which his actions cannot be defended reminds me of Ousmane Demele.”

Similar to the Frenchman who changed to Barcelona after a year in Dortmund, Sancho has unique skills at the ball and enormous speed in one against one. For his dribblings, however, he needs teammates who create spaces through skillful running paths and passes. Here comes Alcazar, who also feels comfortable with his back to the goal and can always find the interfaces in the defense.

The BVB plays his opponents tired

The advantages of the two towards the end of the game are particularly valuable when the opponent gets tired. The pass and run-intensive system under Lucien Favre is a prerequisite, which demands a lot from the opponent conditionally.

Both in the running performance (120,22 kilometers per game) and in the played passes (3310 total) Borussia ranks below the top three of the league, thus also the opponent is forced, a lot of distance to bridge. The offensive game of the BVB, accelerated by his noble jokers, thus becomes all the more dangerous.

Marco Reus himself benefits from the strong achievements of his teammates and gets along with them both excellently on the spot. With Paco and Marco you could immediately see that they are football-like on one line,”Zorc sums up.”It’s a good idea. Everyone knows what the other one is doing.”The same goes for Jadon Sancho and the German national player. We have a special connection on and next to the square. I read it, he reads me,”says the 18-year-old.

Lucien Favre has also long noticed how valuable Sancho and Alcazar can be for their own game. On several occasions he praised Alcazar’s overview and sees in the common understanding of the game of his patrons a key to success.” They understand each other well and know how to destabilize an opposing team,”the Swiss rejoices.

Bets in the starting eleven will come

The only question that remains is, when will they become part of the BVB’s regular formation? With Alcazar, it is only a matter of time. Once the Spaniard has completely overcome his muscular problems, he should be set in the storm. Sancho will also get his chances, even if Favre has several options in his position. In addition, the English U19 national player still has to prove his competitions for more than 90 minutes.

Maybe they are both already in the starting lineup on Wednesday evening when the BVB receives in the Champions League AS Monaco Liveticker. Favre answering the question after the lineup used to laugh: “We’ll see.” Knowing that he can also bring players like Sancho and Alcazar from the bank.

Moritz Wollert