BVB suddenly the hunted Zorc warns of arrogance

From hunter to hunter: Borussia Dortmund faces great challenges with eight games within 28 days to Christmas. So far, the undefeated top rider of the football league has been spared any setbacks.

To keep it that way, Michael Zorc warned against the game at FSV Mainz 05 on Saturday, emphatically against taking victories for granted in view of the high-altitude flight.” There is no reason to depart from our approach, thinking from game to game,”stressed the BVB Sports Director.

“It is not automatically 2:0 for us at 15:30 o’clock in Mainz, just because we performed so well before. We need to be absolutely focused, starting from scratch,”Zorc added:”Just now, when we are receiving so much praise, the antennas need to be even sharper than in an English week.”Zorc is clear t hat the role of the BVB has changed with the 3:2 victory at the latest before the country break against FC Bavaria Munich: From Hunter to hunt.

Similarly, coach Lucien Favre, who acknowledged with a smile the statement of his Mainz colleague Sandro Schwarz that the BVB was also “too cracked.” Yes, the Swiss said, “there is still a lot to be corrected.” Therefore, the country-loving coach used the country-time break to work intensively with his team behind closed doors.

BVB-stormer Paco Alcazar “slowly fit”

That stormer Paco Alcazar was not nominated for the Spanish national team, Favre was very convenient.” He stayed here and took all the units. I think it was good for him. Favre, who currently has all the professionals at his disposal except Marcel Schmelzer.

The fact that Alcacer, who had little practice in FC Barcelona for almost two years, is gradually getting fit, according to Favre, may sound like a threat to the opponents. The 25-year-old has so far exceeded all expectations even as an aristocrat. In eight mandatory games for the BVB, the Spaniard scored nine goals. Seven times as a single player, he hit a hit in 112 minutes –every 16 minutes.

No wonder the BVB uses its option to commit the hitherto only borrowed attacker to a total of 23 million euro (of which two million euro rental fee) to 2023. It is understood that the contract has long been signed. According to the “Bild” newspaper, the deal is to be officially announced at the association’s annual general meeting on Sunday (11:00 o’clock).

Heatzfeld praises the BVB and believes in FC Bavaria’s championship

Even without this news, the mood in the Westfalenhalle will be great. The BVB has seven points ahead of the Bavarians, four meters ahead of the first tracker Borussia Monkngladbach.” Dortmund has learned the right lessons after the somewhat disappointing last season and is one step ahead of the Bavarian conversion. Thanks to the strong new entrances, there is much more competition in the cadre,”former coach Ottmar Heatzfeld praised in the interview of”SPOX”and”Goal”. Favre has a big part to play in success.” He’s an acrimonious, modern coach who’s never satisfied. He lets offensive football play and still pays attention to the defensive organization.”

However, Heatzfeld does not consider the title match to be decided yet. For the Bundesliga, it was “extremely important that there should finally be tension again,” said the former master trainer, who also gave thought: “Now the Dortmund are back in front because they are playing at the upper limit. The question will be how they deal with setbacks. I still believe that Bavaria will be champion in the end.”Bavarian coach Niko Kovac also made it clear on Friday that the title was not written off:”No, in the back of my head I still have the goal of championship as well as the whole club.”