By mistake: Pirelli plans talks with drivers

Pirelli wants to involve drivers more in the reorientation for the future. I would like to have regular talks with them,”says Mario Isola, manager of the Italian tyre manufacturer, after visiting a meeting of the GPDA Driver’s Union in Brazil to talk to the pilots about their ideas for the tyres of the future. It is important that we meet three to five times a year and get together for half an hour or so, so that we know what the drivers want. Then we can go in this direction.”

He is aware that the drivers have different opinions and it is difficult to bring them all together, but their voice has weight:”We must not forget them, and it is important, “Isola’s push is a reaction to the fierce criticism of some pilots after the Mexican Grand Prix on the Pirelli tires. Meanwhile, the Italians have also realised that the production of softer and softer tyre mixtures, which Formula One had agreed upon before, may be a step in the wrong direction.

Pirelli: Teams pursue their interests

This has to do with the fact that the teams prefer to force the drivers, to drive with a low tyre and save a pit stop as a gas, which has a negative effect on the race action. In the future orientation one wants to avoid a new path.

And the broader the feedback, the better, says Isola. As a single tyre manufacturer, it is sometimes not easy, because the teams have different preferences and try to influence you in one direction,”explains the Italian.”The problem That is quite normal, and we have learned to deal with it, but nevertheless it is important to listen to everyone. And in this debate there are very interesting ideas and opinions.”

Hamilton: Only the drivers want to make races better

While it has already been decided that Pirelli will only be on three marks from next season –soft, medium and hard –and a thinner tread as they did this year in Barcelona, Le Castellet and Silverstone have been deployed, will be deployed, it is still unclear how the mixtures themselves will change.

And while the topic of the thinner tread, which according to Mercedes’s competition is supposed to help, is causing controversy between the teams, Silver Arrow pilot Lewis Hamilton stresses, that the opinion of the pilots should have more weight because they wanted better races.

“The GPDA has never been so unanimous,” says the fifth world champion. “The GPDA has never been so unanimous.” We all intend to make the races better. At the moment, the teams in particular are giving their opinions, but they all have their own interests, which are not necessarily ideal for sport. We drivers, on the other hand, are concerned only with improvements in driving. Besides, only we can really say what happens to the car.”