Chelsea star free to FC Bavaria?

Should a transfer from Leroy Sane from Manchester City to FC Bayern Munich fail, The FCB bosses have apparently already considered an alternative: Willian of FC Chelsea.

This is reported by the “Telegraph”. Accordingly, FC Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur have also extended the sensors after the 31-year-old Brazilian.

William’s contract with the blues expires at the end of the season. So the wingman would be available to replace. According to the report, an extension does not stand out after Willian allegedly refused an extension by two years. He was said to have insisted on an extension for at least three years.

Tottenham is considered a favorite in Willian poker. Track team manager Jose Mourinho is said to be a big fan of the 70-time national player. According to the report, a transfer to the FC of Bavaria is only possible if there is no deal with Leroy Sane. The national player had recently made a change to the Saben Street under certain conditions: money and playing time. In addition, Sane “wants to be the star”, after not having learned this kind of appreciation in Manchester, wants to have learned “Sky”.

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Willian has been playing for FC Chelsea since 2013. In 329 games for the Londoners, the attacker scored 59 goals and prepared just as many hits. In the current Premier League season, Willian was 28th in the place. The routinier networked five times and added five assistants.

In the summer 2018 Willian was connected with a change to FC Barcelona. At that time, a ransom amounting to 80 million euros was channelled through the media for the stormtrooper. But no deal was made.