Clear Haas announcement to Schumacher and Mazepin

Stay away from the walls and barriers!” This is the announcement by Haas team leader Gunter Steiner to his two rookies Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin before the Formula One race in Monaco.” If you’re in the band once, your session is over,”Steiner knows.

“You won’t get the car back soon and besides, it’s usually pretty badly damaged anyway,”explains the team leader, who wants his two pilots to be exactly the same. He recalls that he did not want to put additional pressure on the drivers “because we know our performance”, said Steiner.

Monaco was also “such a big challenge”. And since this year’s Haas is not good enough for WM points by itself anyway, Steiner explains with regard to Schumacher and Mazepin: “They should simply see the race as an opportunity to gain experience.”

Schumacher’s Formula-2 race is not successful

Both should use the weekend, to be well prepared for Monaco in the coming years, if Haas “hopefully” has a “better car”. The road course in the principality is “a very special race in the Formula-1 calendar”, recalls Steiner, whose pilots already know the route from Formula 2.

Schumacher has mixed memories. He qualified in a strong fourth place. In the main race, however, he was only thirteen after a collision; in the sprint race, he also remained without points as an elf.” The formula 2 was, of course, much slower than the formula 1,”Schumacher explains.

“Therefore, I am now looking forward to [Monaco] being in a formula-1 car”, so the rookie explains: “The Formula-2 car is still a very fast car overall.” Therefore, even in the junior series Monaco had already been “a challenge” from which he learned and had “fun.”

Haas exercises patience

“It is definitely a driving distance. The driver can make a difference here,”Schumacher says, explaining:”Of course it helps in Monaco to have a car that you trust, that you feel comfortable in.”This is the case with him at the moment. I feel super comfortable in the car,”Schumacher reports.

While Mazepin is still struggling with the VF-21, Schumacher has so far made a much stronger impression than his teammate. Nevertheless, it is clear that there are no miracles to be expected in The Hague. The team has good memories of Monaco. 2017 was the first time in the history of the young US team that both drivers made it to the top ten in a race. This year we will be far from square eight and ten, we know that,”says team leader Steiner, adding:”We can deal with this. We are patient.”

Schumacher looks forward to fans

At the same time he makes it clear with regard to the coming years:”We want to get back to this level of performance.”All the more important it will be for his pilots to learn as much as possible this year and not to end up in the wall, As Schumacher once did in Imola.

As a small “bonus”, Schumacher and Mazepin can look forward to seeing some viewers at their Monaco premiere. It will be nice to have some atmosphere on the track again –even if it is not on the usual scale,”says the German, who has”missed”the fans and hopes again for full stands in the future.

Mick’s father Michael was able to win five times over the course of his career in Monaco. The 22-year-old won’t be riding this year to win. But his team leader would already be satisfied if he saw the target flag at all. This is already challenging enough for a rookie in Monaco.