Cockpit Poker: What about Alonso?

The cards in the driver’s deck have not yet been discovered. Fernando Alonso announced that much was on the move. The Spanish ex-champion plays a leading role in the personnel race.

Will he stay at McLaren for a fourth year? He switches to Mercedes and duels with Lewis Hamilton again? Or will you see Alonso in red soon? Also at the weekend of the Austrian Grand Prix, these questions concern the driver’s camp. Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have a clear opinion on the topic.

I am quite satisfied with my teammate. I don’t even think about it,”the British tells the media representatives at the press conference. Already 2007, the two top pilots, at McLaren, met. The outcome of this brilliant duel is well known: neither of them could win the World Cup title.

“If I had something to say, I would prefer Kimi”

Hamilton also had to compete with Nico Rosberg as tough World Cup competitors over the past three years. In Valtteri Bottas he now has a quiet contemporary by his side. Even in Ferrari, a Finnish provides peace and quiet. Kimi Vrikkunen and Sebastian Vettel got along well before their time together at Scuderia. As a teammate, the Finnish is ready to support Vettel in the championship fight. After all, he is already eighty points behind the German in the World Cup table.

That is not what Fernando Alonso’s head of the World Cup as a garage neighbor might expect. Accordingly, he is satisfied with the queens at his side: “I am not authorized to hire drivers”, he smiles at the press conference on Thursday. Subscription: “If I had something to say, I would prefer Kimi.” Alonso, as a second pilot, would not give superfluous enthusiasm to either Mercedes’or Ferrari’s top pilots.