Comment: Kovac talks about his job at FC Bayern

Sports FC Bayern Munich is currently miles behind its own demands, but it is also crumbling away from the square. Trainer Niko Kovac, with unforeseen statements, creates a vortex and possibly loses the support of the record master. A comment.

At the DFB Cup game in Bochum, not only the team of FC Bavaria had hit a rough day. Niko Kovac also did not seem to be quite up to the mark.

After the game, the coach first described the fans of the future opponent Eintracht Frankfurt as “the best of the league” –an affront to the Bavarian supporters, who followed a Shitstorm in the social media.

Then the Croatian criticized with a The VfL has shown that it works “when everyone does what the coach says”. So the only reason the Munich people play so badly is because they don’t listen to Kovac unconditionally?

Also with his unhappy Liverpool comparison before the Bochum game (“You must also have the types of players for this. One cannot try to drive 200km/h on the motorway if they only create 100 km/h) as well as his description of the situation of Thomas Muller a few weeks ago (“If need be at the man, The Croatian has been getting a lot of head shakes in and around the club.

Niko Kovac too honest for FC Bavaria?

Positively one could praise Kovac for his honesty. One might say, finally there is one in the soft-rinsed football business who (at least sometimes) talks as his beak has grown. One could argue that he is not entirely wrong in his statements (at least in parts).

It is also clear that Kovac is jeopardising his unsafe job in public appearances with his recklessness.

The Munich leadership war has been divided in the Causa Kovac for months, Only the outgoing President Uli Hoeness is considered as unconditional supporter of the coach. The team is said to have lost support long ago. Now the supporters of Kovac could also turn away. They had regularly strengthened their backs during the also difficult last season.

Air for Niko Kovac at FC Bavaria is getting very thin

As head coach of the German industry primus, the 48-year-old is constantly under observation. The fact that internally and externally any such small statement is placed on the gold scale by him, each sentence is dissected and tapped on its possible consequences is not news to the former Bavarian professional.

Next week after week team performances that resemble a football revelation will air for the former Bavarian professional.

The trainer is thin, very thin.

Kovac is feeling this too. He will also learn that speculation about his possible successor is getting louder and louder. His nervous state is under attack, probably also an explanation for the verbal outcasts of the recent past.

In order to remain coach of FC Bavaria, Kovac does not have to push the rudder around as quickly as possible. It is also important to put the club and the environment behind you.

Tobias Knoop