Complicated: The German path to the EM semi-final

After the sobering end of the EM-Crime against Denmark, there was still cause for hope for the German handballers. The clear victory of Spain over Macedonia (31:20) leaves the DHB selection still open a back door to the semi-final, despite the 25:26-match against the Olympic winner.

Most important condition: In the new edition of the EM final game of 2016, a victory over Spain must be won on Wednesday. But that alone is not enough to enter the round of the best four, as we hope. At the same time, the Macedonians must not score four points from their final two group games against the Czech Republic and Denmark. And even then there are still uncertainties in the German calculation.

If Spain does not win against Slovenia on Tuesday, this would fundamentally change the situation before the group finals. Then, even if Germany were successful against the Iberians, it would withdraw from the medal race if Macedonia only scored three points from the games against the Czech Republic and Denmark.

“Two, three simple mistakes made too much”

The calculator can be tried in the two days free of games of the German team. The only thing that is certain is that we no longer have it in our own hands, which we unfortunately have to blame ourselves for. Now we have to wait and watch the other games,”said Federal trainer Christian Prokop.

This additionally eats at the nerves that the DHB selection, convincing against Denmark for the first time in the tournament course, had unfortunately failed in the decisive moments.” We have made two or three simple mistakes too much, so despite the great struggle it has not been enough,”said Prokop, disappointed after the first tournament defeat.

Nevertheless, the principle of hope reigns in the German camp. We have shown a completely different face and a great game,”said the strong goalie Andreas Wolff.”We have shown a very different face and a great game.” When we get our own little endgame at the semi-finals, I am optimistic that we will make it.”Similarly, DHB Vice-President Bob Hanning said with confidence:”We will beat Spain. I promise.”
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