Conclusions: Ferrari farewell not my decision

Former Formula One World Champion Kimi Vrikkunen showed up at his first public appearance after his definite change from Ferrari to Clean Vocabulary.

It was not my decision to leave Ferrari,”said Quadruple Champion Sebastian Vettel’s teammate before the night in Singapore. When asked why he had chosen the Swiss clean-up team, the Finnish replied: “Why not?” He had his reasons. The Scuderia announced on Tuesday that their last World Champion (2007) would leave the team at the end of the season and be replaced by the Monegasque talent Charles Leclerc. At the same time, the Swiss clean-up team announced that 38-year-old king 2019 will take over the cockpit of 18-year-old Leclerc. The Finnish receives a two-year contract.

For rake queens this also means a switch from a winning car to a middle class car. This does not bother the Routinians, who once started their Formula One career at Clean. There are not many cars that drive on the same level –that has always been the case,”he said. He will do his best.” Then you will see what comes out.”

The chance that Clean will be his last stop is very great, he continued. At the end of the contract he will be 41 years old and could become a driver with most Grand Prix.” I’m not interested in records,”he said. Currently the Brazilian Rubens Barrichello holds the best brand with 323 races. Race queens stand in front of their 286-Grand Prix on Sunday at the Singapore nightclub.