Counsellor explains: That’s why Nigel is silent about his future

Alexander Nutel will leave FC Schalke 04 after the current season. Shortly before Christmas, the goalkeeper of the football league announced his decision. Apparently, the 23-year-old’s journey continues at FC Bavaria Munich.

But so far, Nozel remains silent about his exact future plans and even the German record master has not let himself be looked at in the cards. Why is that?

Stefan Backs, the goalkeeper’s advisor, has now explained in the sports podcast “Fever Pit’ch” why his protege keeps himself so covered.

“Alex is being pushed by sections of the public and the fans to leave already”, Backs said and explained: “According to the statutes, however, he is not allowed to talk to other clubs at all until January.” Therefore, his client has behaved “completely in accordance with the contract.” I’ll pass on what the clubs say to Alex. However, there can be no contract duration and conditions,”said the consultant. However, as the new year has now begun, negotiations on the exact content of the contract are expected to begin in the coming days.

The “WAZ” assumes that FC Bavaria will announce the change of venue in January. Finally, the record champion has recently used the winter window more often to introduce freelance professionals, such as 2014 at Robert Lewandowski or last at Leon Goretzka in winter 2018.