Cramp in the basement: Stuttgart, Schalke and Co. in need

The former federal league manager Dirk Dufner once brought it to the point. The descent is a sport of its own,”Dufner once said. It is necessary to “keep calm in all restlessness.”

Should this principle still apply, the first should apply. FC Nuremberg hopes for a new round of football in the Bundesliga starting on Friday. For at the end of the table nothing has happened in this winter break, while three competitors in the descent struggle with big noise are mainly harming themselves.

At the table-13. FC Schalke 04 sold in with the Brazilian Naldo the most popular player. Table-14. Fortuna Dusseldorf is the trust base between Coach Friedhelm Funkel and the Board of Directors. At table-17. Hannover 96 argued publicly about transfer policy for days. On Monday, the specialist magazine “kicker” titled the marked tendency of some clubs to create their own problems.


Tribal player was no longer the 36-year-old Naldo in the background. Despite this, the switchboard sold with him one of the last identification figures of the fans and one of the most important leaders of their team. When he switched to AS Monaco, the co-players would have “shocked”, Naldo told the “kicker”. And that’s just one of several problems. All Schalke has now is a healthy defense attorney. And yet not a single wish of his coach Domenico Tedesco fulfilled. He wants a Naldo replacement and two more offensive players. The winter transfer period is difficult,”says sports director Christian Heidel.


Trainer Funkel must go at the end of the season. Coach Sparkle will probably stay. These poses, along with the resulting fan protests, image damage and facial loss, have occupied Fortuna for days and not the surprisingly good starting position after the round. In these circumstances, how can a trusting cooperation between the trainer and the management of the association still be possible?

“I don’t think there’s anything left to hang on to,” said CEO Robert Schafer of the “Rhine Post”. However, Friedhelm Funkel replied: “I am not as optimistic as Robert.”


The table’s predetermined two new entries so far. According to his trainer Andre Breitenreiter, he could use three more. There will be three more, however, under no circumstances, controversial club boss Martin Kind publicly. And so a real transfer battle was perfect in the middle of a strategically important phase. Broadcasters had already threatened to cancel their Christmas holidays to their players, and then took that back. Now the President said via about him: “At first it was said that two new ones were sufficient for class maintenance. The authority of the trainer has been scratched.


VfB Stuttgart wants to strengthen itself with three new players and has already taken two of them. FC Augsburg had a goalkeeper problem in the round and at the beginning of the year brought in Swiss U21 national champion Gregor Kobel from Hoffenheim.

The first. FC Nuremberg can hardly afford proper reinforcements and therefore lets his trainer and the team work in peace for once. Whether all this will be enough to hold the class has to be shown first. Especially in Nuremberg, there are considerable doubts about this in view of the lack of quality, poor test performance and the lack of reinforcements. It will be a difficult task, but we have faith in ourselves,”said FCN Captain Hanno Behrens.