Cubic comeback opportunities decrease after walking

Williams pilot Robert Kubica sticks to his plan to return to Formula One as a regular driver. As the Pole explains as a result of his training at the Austrian Grand Prix, he would hope for a chance once the top cockpits are connected and the market has sorted itself out. He would not only have Williams in mind for the season 2019, says Kubica.

He mentions however that there are not many teams with which he could have talks. The options are slim: the top teams are out by themselves and Renault did not want it last year. Force India relies on Mercedes talent and Haas on Ferrari people. Clean prefers young pilots anyway, McLaren prefers to afford stars.

Only Toro Rosso remains next to Williams. A vague hope, after all, the team is the Red Bull cadre. In addition, Kubica did not advertise his Spielberg performance in the first training session. He turned 38 laps, was behind the top with 2585 seconds and 0553 seconds on the rest of the field but hopelessly defeated.

“Next year the story could look different”

Nevertheless Kubica says: “Since the end of last year nothing has changed in my position. Of course, there’s always a lot of talk, but that’s what I’m showing.”He looks positively on his situation and emphasizes that he would not have to focus like 2017 on a vacant seat (at Williams)

If he could actually inherit Lance Stroll or Sergei Sirotkin, he would be ready despite the miserable performance of the FW41.” If you were to ask Sergei the same question, he should not want to go either,”Kubica says. You never know. Next year, the story might look different. It is not because they are desperate to find Drive, but because everything can change.”

Kubica no longer has many chances to impress the Formula One team leaders: 2018 will still contest the Pirelli Tire Test in Silverstone and test regularly in Hungary. In addition, there is a Friday bet at the season finale in Abu Dhabi. Then the dice must fall.