Death prophesied exciting fight for World Cup titles

After Sebastian Vettel led the World Cup to Monza, Mercedes-Star Lewis Hamilton took the top position in the overall score at the Ferrari home game, with three small points. Has the trend reversed and will the silver arrows with Ferrari now make a short process? Not when it comes to FIA boss Jean Todt.

If someone tells you that they are going to win, then they are a liar, because we cannot know,”the Frenchman currently considers forecasts impossible. This is good.”

He believes that in the end it may not be the better form, but the consistency will give the result.” They’re usually first or second. But can you imagine that in a 25-to-zero race? It will be difficult to catch up on these 25-points,”he says. Whoever gets reliability problems will be the one who may lose the championship.”

“Championship is pretty tight”

While for death Hamilton and Vettel are clearly in the leading role, he also wants a surprise triumph by Valtteri Bottas, who lacks Monza 41 World Cup points, “The championship is quite narrow. There are two drivers who belong to the favorites, even if another one is not so far away,” the former Ferrari team leader describes the situation in the World Championship.

He knows what he is talking about: Because in the year 2007, When he led the Scuderia in Kimi Reiken’s sensation title, the Finnish had a whole 26-point delay in the summer, but according to the old scoring system. That was two victories and a third place. Bottas’delay is smaller in comparison.