Despite the change of rules: DAS system already prohibited from 2021

The new formula-1 regulation originally planned for 2021 was moved to 2022 in view of the Corona crisis. FIA, Liberty Media and the ten teams agreed on this two weeks ago. In addition, the development of 202020s bolts for 2021 is partially frozen in order to save costs in some areas. But this step raised some questions.

For example, it was puzzled about what this change means for McLaren, because the team changes engine partners at season 2021. Here team leader Andreas Seidl has meanwhile betrayed: we are allowed to make the necessary changes.”Another”so far unclear”question concerns the new DAS system of Mercedes. This should actually be banned from 2021.

Does Mercedes now get another year of grace with the postponement of the regulation to 2022? Nope. The FIA made that clear on Tuesday. The World Motor Sports Council has decided to ban the new system as planned for 2021 and has adapted the rules accordingly. Article 10.4.2 has been adapted in the Technical Regulation of Formula 1.

It literally says here: “The re-alignment of the steered wheels must be uniquely defined by a monotonic function of the rotation of a single steering wheel about a single axis. Furthermore, the inboard attachment points of the suspension members connected to the steering system must remain a fixed distance from each other and can only translate in the direction normal to the car centre plane.”

This new article essentially corresponds to Article 10.5.2 of the original regulation for 2021, which is now only used 2022. The article was once added by the FIA to ban DAS from 2021. Now it has also been incorporated into the “new” regulation for 2021 (which, with a few exceptions, corresponds to that of 2020).

Mercedes himself has not, by the way, resisted this step. The World Championship team, together with other teams, voted for this rule change.