DFL boss calms Bundesliga fans

DFL-Chef Christian Seifert has clearly positioned himself against new starting times and a transfer of obligatory games abroad.

“There will be no more starting times, on the contrary. There are the five league games planned so far on Monday, especially for the Europapokal participants who play on Thursdays, tomorrow on Sunday,”said the Managing Director of the German Football League (DFL) in an interview of the”World on Sunday”and stressed:”There will not be ten different starting times as in Spain or as in France seven or eight.”

Regular games abroad, Seifert rejects.”I think that would definitely be a step too much. The highly praised Spanish league is trying. They wanted to take Barcelona against Girona in Miami. Supposedly to promote football. Which, of course, is nonsense. It is only about monetary aspects,”Seifert said. According to him, the federal league gets the “spaghetti from tradition and business as well as hardly any other league”.