DHB team loses first test against the Netherlands

The German handballers have lost the first of two test games against the Netherlands. Before 4000-viewers in Groningen, the team of German trainer Henk Groener submitted to the WM and EM third with 26:29 (10:14).

The best German advertiser was left-handed Alicia Stolle (Thuringian HC) with six goals. On Saturday (16.45 o’clock/Sport1), the two teams meet again in Oldenburg.

From the beginning, the much rejuvenated German team ran behind a lag that meanwhile grew to six goals. A striking Dutch defense with a strong Tess Wester at the gate weakened the already-crushed German attack, In contrast, the cover work of the guests left something to be desired.

Also the captain Kim Naidzinavicius, who returned after a knee injury, could not give the defense any stability.

In the last quarter of the hour the German team got a little better in the game, Some parades by Leverkusen debutante Nele Kurzke, who was now in the gate instead of Dinah Eckerle, contributed to this. However, Groener remained aware that he still has a lot of work ahead of him two months before the World Cup playoffs against Croatia.

For the DHB team on the 2nd and 5th of June, the short-term sporting future is at stake in the two games against Croatia. Only the winner qualifies for the Japanese Kumamoto Championship (30th November to 15th December) and thus saves the chance to participate in the 2020 Olympic tournament in Tokyo.

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