Does Arjen Robben see it in the Premier League?

On Saturday Arjen Robben will finish his last game in the jersey of FC Bavaria Munich. Where the Dutch go after that is still open. English media are now linking the attacker to a switch to Leicester City in the Premier League.

The reports on the island are primarily based on developments in the competition market. According to this, Leicester is a clear favorite for seals. The English League is not a new country for the Routinians. Prior to switching to Real Madrid, Robben 2007 played for three years at FC Chelsea.

But also the former Bavarian star club, PSV Eindhoven, can calculate good odds. A change of seals in the U.S. Major League Soccer or in the Chinese Super League, on the other hand, would be less likely, as would a commitment at Benfica, where the 35-year-old was last traded.

At Leicester, seals with their experience are supposed to provide stability in the younger team of team manager Brendan Rodgers. In addition, he is to relieve Jamie Vardy in the attack.

With his decision, seals apparently do not want to take up much more time.” I’m actually late, but that has to do with this injury,”said the five-month-old injured missing Dutch at the beginning of last week, and added:”I hope I’ll make a decision in a week or two, but I can’t promise anything.”

Robben was in summer 2009 from Real Madrid to FC Bavaria. After ten years, the Municipality has changed and is now leaving Munich. About a possible career ending, the 35-year-old said smiling, “It’s an option, but if it is, I don’t know.”