Doubts about Union stadium plans grow

Virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit has expressed doubts about the feasibility of Union Berlin’s plan to return the fans to the stadiums.

“Because the test is only a snapshot, but it is not excluded t hat the spectators will still be positive after 24 hours and thus infect other spectators in the stadium”, Schmidt-Chanasit told the “picture on Sunday” about the advance of the football league, which wants to enable a complete stadium with Corona tests for all spectators. On the other hand, he does not consider it a problem to handle the amount of around 22.000 tests.

Klaus-Dieter Zastrow from the Berlin Hygiene Institute discussed two tests for fans before the game as a possible safer variant. “This would be technically possible in principle. With fans so tested, football with a full stadium and catch songs could also be held responsible,”he told the paper.

However, Zastrow considers the organisational effort too great.” The number of tests required alone brings the Berlin laboratories to their limits, which can only be done with special layers,”said the professor.

Union Berlin’s plan”almost grotesque”

With its project so far unique in Germany, the Union is creating a powerful vortex. From the first day of the next season, starting in the middle of September, the club wants to reach a “full load” of its stadium. For this purpose, there should be comprehensive testing of the Coronavirus for all stadium visitors. The concept aims to develop the club together with the Berlin Senate and the competent health authority of the district of Treptow-Kopeck.

The Berlin CDU health politician Tim-Christopher Zeelen reacted with head shakes to the plans of the first. FC Union. I find it almost grotesque to have every viewer tested beforehand,”said the CDU spokesman in the House of Deputies of the German Press Agency.

“Who will perform the tests? Who’s supposed to check the entrance? All questions that remain unanswered,”says Zeelen.”I’m sorry. That is why I consider the discussion on this topic to be completely premature.”

For him, the next step would be crucial,”that our children can go back to kitas and schools, and protect our elderly in the care facilities.”That would require the test capacities created.” In any case, they take precedence over any leisure activity,”Zeelen stressed.

Berlin’s Sports Senator Andreas Hostel had shown himself open to the idea. We understand the Union’s ambitions,”said the SPD politician of the German Press Agency.”We understand the Union’s ambitions.” We will meet with the association leaders in a timely manner to discuss the concept.”The Berlin AfD sports expert Frank Scheermesser stated that his party would”explicitly support”the Union initiative.