Driving error ends Sainz’s career at Toro Rosso

This is not how Carlos Sainz envisioned Toro Rosso leaving. In his last race for the Italian racing stadium, the Spaniard turned out in the first round because he had underestimated the grip conditions on the track.

conspiracy theorists could now suggest intent to him, because from now on he drives for direct competition, but the Spaniard doesn’t want to know about it.

I had to take a risk at the start, and it didn’t work,”he writes for the record. After a penalty shift, Sainz had to start from the rear and had to make up positions on the softlanes in order to be able to do anything at all during the one-stop race. Usually this works, but today it didn’t,”said the Red Bull Junior. I drove out in curve six, but there was a lot more dust and dirt than I expected. I simply lost the car.”

And although his farewell performance was quickly over, Sainz does not regret his actions. I have pushed hard for the team in this last race,”stresses the Spaniard, who speaks of a”sad ending”and wants to apologize to everyone on the team.”I’m sorry. This is not the ideal way to end a very beautiful story, but I will not be sad about the last race.”

Verbremser brings Gasly to the first point

Team leader Franz Tost also speaks of a”very frustrating and difficult weekend”. Toro Rosso has been left without points for the second time in a row and now also feels the breath of the Haas team, which made up for six points and surpassed Sainz’s new team Renault, which, fortunately for Toro Rosso, also lost points today.

Pierre Gasly snapped today at least at his first Formula One counter, But because the Frenchman made a mistake and got a brake disc, he had to drive again to the box, which eventually rolled him back to rank 13. Until then, he was right behind the Haas duo, which at the end occupied the eight and nine squares. He was close to a point,”says team leader Tost.

“I’m a little disappointed,”Gasly must admit after the race.”I’m a little disappointed.” We had problems all weekend and it wasn’t easy for us. But he already knew from his teammate’s statements that Suzuka would be difficult for Toro Rosso. And because he had to start at rank 14 and it was difficult to overtake, it was a hard afternoon for Gasly.

Sainz “extremely proud of the three years together”

“I kept the pace behind the Haas, but once I closed the gap, it was quite difficult to follow Romain,” said the Frenchman. It was only when Felipe Massa got into trouble in front of the two Haas and stopped everyone that Gasly approached, but since all the DRS had an attack, it was not possible to think of an attack. Instead, he even had to let Nico Hullkenberg through the hairpin curve because he committed a crime.

“I had trouble braking and had to push to stay in Romain’s DRS window,” says the Youngster. That is why the error occurred, which necessitated an additional tyre change. At least he was able to learn a lot about the car and felt much better in the car, also because seat and bottle were not a problem compared to Malaysia.” This made the race easier.”

Otherwise there was not much positive for the young bulls in Suzuka. The Pace was not on the expected level and with Sainz you lost your top pilots to direct competition. He is emotional after his last race: “It is very important to be extremely proud of the three years together,” he says. I now leave behind great people, professionals and friends.”