DTM for Alexander Albon only one transit station

Alex Albon looks at his involvement in the DTM 2021 more than a transition station that will not play a decisive role in a possible return to formula 1.

On the question of what good results in the DTM would mean in the struggle for a new formula-1 cockpit, says Albon of the English edition of”:”Frankly not much. For me, it is about doing the best possible job.”

Albon had lost his cockpit in the Formula One team of Red Bull to Sergio Perez after the 2020 season, but was nominated by the Austrian-British team as a replacement driver. As a racing program, Red Bull gave him the DTM, where whenever the Thai country allows its obligations under formula 1, it will drive a Ferrari 488 GT3 used by AF Corse.

Because of this part-time program, Albon will not play a decisive role in the championship. And in general, he does not believe that with DTM performance he can consistently recommend himself for a return as a regular driver to Formula 1.

Albon’s role as Formula One substitute is more important than the DTM

“As far as Formula 1 is concerned, it probably depends mainly on how other drivers hit each other, what possibilities arise,”he says. A lot depends on how the BoP works. My role as a replacement driver, the tasks in the simulator and in tests play a much greater role [in a possible return to formula 1].”

This return to formula 1 is the great goal for the 25-year-old. A long-term commitment to DTM is therefore inconceivable for Albon at the moment.” Honestly, not really,”he says. Currently, it suits me, I stay in shape and can race. But I want to go back [to formula 1]. If that doesn’t work, you have to see. I don’t want to exclude a hundred percent [to stay in the DTM].”

Albon had to get used to GT3 cars

First, Albon is waiting for the challenge of changing from Formula One to GT3 cars. This is not even as easy as Albon found on his first trip in the Ferrari during a private test at Spa-Francorchamps.” GT racing is completely different. Eau Rouge didn’t go as fast as I thought anyway,”he says. But this is part of the learning process.”

Albon is becoming increasingly friendly with his new sports equipment. I’m having fun. It is a new challenge, demands a completely different driving style,”he explains.

“At the beginning I [the car] only ran over because my muscles remembered certain curves. In a way, you have to start again from the beginning,”says Albon. In the end, it’s just a car. It has a steering wheel, pedals, and you can quickly adjust to it.”