Eberl wants to draw consequences from the crisis

In the discussion about the lack of reserves in professional football, sports director Max Eberl of Borussia Munich has encouraged a cash fund as part of the licensing.

“That is, every club must be able to prove that if there is no income for a certain period of time, it is nevertheless viable”, Eberl told the daily newspaper “The World”.

In the licensing process of the German Football League (DFL), according to Eberl “really outstanding”, such a fund “might have to be considered in the future for safety”. Recently, federal leagues had faced financial difficulties due to the disappearance of ratings and the imminent loss of television money.

Eberl cannot understand the criticism of how the clubs have operated so far.” If there comes a crisis like this that nobody could have expected, nobody should come to me and say: Hey, but you should have made more reserves,”Eberl said,”this is too easy for me. As far as the lack of reserves is concerned, the situation is no different for all other sectors. But as a consequence of the crisis, this issue must be addressed.”