Ecclestone shoots Ferrari tactics

Kimi Racing queens were in pole position at the Monaco Grand Prix and won the start, but only led to the first pit stop. The Ferrari team allowed Sebastian Vettel a different strategy, with which the German was able to win the race thanks to his superb speed.

Afterwards many Formula One fans suspected that Ferrari was a winner Vettel anyway rather than a winner of the Race. Bernie Ecclestone also seems to think so: When the kings of the line won the start against Vettel, I immediately told the guests: In this order the two Ferrari do not reach the finish line. That was clear!”, The former head promoter of the Grand Prix Sports.

Before the beginning of the season Ecclestone Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes had called it the World Championship 2017. In the meantime he is no longer so sure: “Ferrari has the better car now, makes a very strong impression.” And: “Mercedes needs to be careful.” However he may mean…

tension has nothing to do with new leadership

That the races 2017 are more exciting again, has “nothing to do with the new leadership”, explains Ecclestone. To claim that Liberty Media has directly eliminated its old errors in the first months of its term of office, and that formula 1 is therefore more attractive again, is naive, says the deposed 86-year-old.

“I campaigned for a new regulation two years ago. With Pirelli, wider tires and wider cars. Fortunately, this has now changed the situation,”he stresses, but critically adds:”In the end, the same three teams always win.”