Ecclestone will Renault als Werksteam

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone hopes to keep Renault in the royal class. If it is after the 84-year-old, the French manufacturer should start again from 2017 with its own workshop team.

I would like them to take over Lotus or start a new racing stable,”Ecclestone told the specialist portal””:”I do not want to lose them, Renault is currently only represented as an engine supplier, but the equipment contracts with the premium customer Red Bull Racing and its sister team Toro Rosso end after the coming season. According to Ecclestone, a decision is now to be made in September.

Workshop titles long ago

Three scenarios seem possible at the moment: Renault takes over the highly indebted Lotus racing stable, completely abandons formula 1 or extends the current contracts and remains equipment. However, Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn had recently addressed the ungrateful role of motor suppliers.

Since Red Bull Racing went downhill at the beginning of season 2014, the weak Renault engine has been in all its mouth. In the successful years before Sebastian Vettel won four driver and four manufacturer titles, however, the brand of the beverage company was particularly shining. Renault was represented as a workshop team until 2009, and with Fernando Alonso, 2005 and 2006 won the titles in the Driver and Manufacturer WM.


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