Effzeh Coach Beierlorzer smiles Khedira rumor

Trainer Achim Beierlorzer from the Bundesliga-Aufsteiger 1. FC Cologne responded two days before the start of the new season at the VfL Wolfsburg (Saturday/15:30 clock) to rumors of an alleged commitment by former World Champion Sami Khedira.

“Wherever this information comes from: We smile briefly about it and move on”, said Beierlorzer.

The Franke, who arrived from the two-time finalist Jahn Regensburg, experiences his Bundesliga premiere on Saturday at the age of 51. It’s not a game like any other. But I can’t lift it into the sky and I can’t sleep three days before,”said Beierlorzer.

For starters, the former high school teacher for mathematics and sports can employ all the professionals except the locked Jhon Cordoba as well as the complementary players Noah Katterbach, Ismail Jakobs and Niklas Hauptmann. The Louis Schaub and Birger sprites, which were hit in the trophy, are also available.

The late-committed Ellyes Skhiri and Sebastiaan Bornauw may also be used. They are an option for the starter elves, even if they do not have long to train in the middle,”said Beierlorzer:”It is about quality.”