Eintracht-Management wants to bind “young people”

Eintracht Frankfurt’s board member Axel Hellmann fears the Coronavirus pandemic will have a profound impact on football leaguers well beyond the new season.

“We are only at the beginning of the crisis”, Hellmann said the “Sports Image” and added: “The aftermath will occupy us for at least the next two years.”

The 48-year-old in particular fears a break in the economy that would have a significant impact on the clubs. In this case, the clubs would lack further revenue in the fields of tickets, fan articles or sponsorship. Hellmann therefore maintains close contact with Frankfurt financial companies, where he regularly seeks advice.

“At the various meetings I ask everyone: How will the economy develop? The proximity to the financial centre helps us assess the situation,”he said.

Payable places for young people

Concern also raises the spectator question. We are missing the fans, and perhaps we are also losing some because they have noticed: in the Corona era I also spent the weekends without football well. This should not be underestimated,”he warned.

The health ministers of the countries had granted a provisional refusal of a partial return of fans to the stadiums at the start of the season in mid-September at the beginning of the week.

In particular, to bind a young audience to the association in the long term, the Eintracht wants to extend the staging area in the Frankfurt Arena to 2022 in 19.000 places. “The city is a city in Frankfurt. It is a question of linking young people to clubs through affordable places in the future,”Hellmann explained the investment. If we do not do this, four or five years will suffice, and this generation of young people may be lost to the clubs.”