Ex-FCB-Physio doesn’t believe in many injuries

Oliver Schmidtlein, former physiotherapist of the German record master Bavaria Munich and the national football team, does not believe in many injuries after the Bundesliga rematch.

“The situation may be compared to test games in the summer preparation. Therefore, I am convinced that players will not fall out in a row,”said the 54-year-old to the”Munich Mercury”.

It is”no secret that the physical momentum of the players is not ideal at the moment, but it is certainly not catastrophic. After all, you’ve kept fit as best you can during the lockdown. In my opinion, these mini-deficits will become more noticeable at the playful level.”

Recently, sports physicians have expressed concerns that due to the low preparation time, players will increasingly experience muscle injuries. The Bundesliga will resume its game operation on Saturday, team training has been allowed for almost a week and a half.