Ex-Ferrari boss Todt praises Mercedes in the highest tones

Twelve titles in six years: Mercedes’s impressive success series reminds many of the era of Michael Schumacher and Ferrari at the beginning of the millennium.

But the silver arrows could still surpass the best marks of the time, because Schumacher only got five titles in a row with the Reds – Mercedes is now a year better.

“This is amazing”, must also admit FIA President Jean Todt. At the time, the Frenchman was responsible for Ferrari’s success as a team leader and knows how difficult it is to keep the high level going for years. It’s like an athlete has to lift 200-kilo and then hold it up. Normally it would come down,”he says.

Death definitely remembers the Ferrari er a at the time of the Mercedes era. And I must admit that they have done better,”the Frenchman says in view of the sixth year of success. And they’ve had a lot of competition with it.”

Because Ferrari and Red Bull have always been on Mercedes’tail, especially in the past two years. The silver arrows could therefore not afford a weak phase without benefiting the competition.

Three factors for success

But Mercedes could always assert himself, which for death is due to three factors: “You need a great driver, a great car and a great team. If you don’t have these three things, it can’t work,”said the Frenchman. And to have that six years in a row is simply “remarkable”.

“There are definitely similarities,” says Mercedes Motorsport Chief Toto Wolff about the current era and the comparison with Ferrari.” We have a structure, similar to Jean in Ferrari, that is strong from the first line of attack, the drivers, to the very back of the organization.”

Wolff takes on the role of the former death as team leader, Lewis Hamilton as driver takes on the titles like Michael Schumacher, And the people in the background at Mercedes are not Ross Brawn or Rory Byrne, but James Allison and James Vowles. It is an adaptation of many individuals on a common journey,”says Wolff.

Wolff: Title not reserved for Mercedes

When the Austrian had once started the project, such a dominance could not be assumed. We have set ourselves the goal of being no longer embarrassing,”he says.

For above all 2012 was extremely difficult for Mercedes, because the good results were absent. But when you started winning races all of a sudden, there was also the confidence and finally the titles.

“Every year we reinvented ourselves without forgetting what made us strong. At the same time, however, we were also very self-critical,”says Wolff.

He knows t hat Mercedes does not have a right to the title every year. The points will be set to zero again,”he recalls.

2019 too there were some changes in the rules and strong competition at the latest from the summer. Jean and Ferrari also had difficult years when changes to the rules were thrown at them and the tires were suddenly different and the tests were limited,”says Wolff.

“At the same time, however, this is also the challenge. Surviving such difficult days and moments makes it so special.”