Ex-VfBler Beck explains change to KAS Eupen

Ex-National Player Andreas Beck does not see a political statement in his change to the Catalan State Club KAS Eupen in Belgium.

“The association offers opportunities, especially for young African players,” the 32-year-old told the “SID” after his performance on Tuesday: “I find it rather positive, when people or companies invest in football. I know that things are seen more critically in Germany. But I said to myself: I want to take a picture of myself as a witness in this place.”

Beck signed a three-year contract after his departure from the federal league dropout VfB Stuttgart in Eupen. It is the challenge in the overall package: Belgium, the language, the league, the association. We have a young, wild team, but the club also seeks balance and experience. That’s where I come in,”said the lawyer.

The original KAS Eupen has been in possession of the Qatari State Fund since 2012. The Emirate uses the association to give especially African but also Catalan talents from its Aspire Academy playing practice on an elevated level.