Exhumed for paternity test: F1 legend Fangio does not rest in peace

20 years after the death of Juan Manuel Fangio, the body of the F1 legend was exhumed for two paternity tests. The remains of the Argentinean were taken from the family’s grave to a morgue where, according to the Ministry of Justice, experts took DNA samples.

Background of the bizarre action are two independent complaints by Oscar Cesar Espinoza and Ruben Vasquez, who claim Fangio is their father. Both claim parts of the legacy of the five-time F1 champion. According to Espinoza’s lawyer Oscar Scarcella, the test results should be available in 30 to 60 days.

Five World Champions with four designers

Fangio had died 1995 at the age of 84, on the 17th of July, his death day was 20th. but had a long-standing relationship with Andrea Berruet, the mother of Espinoza. He had requested the trial 2013.

Fangio, who embodied the myth of the Mercedes silver arrows, is buried in his hometown of Balcarce. He won 1951 (with Alfa-Romeo), 1954/55 (with Mercedes), 1956 (with Ferrari) and 1957 (with Maserati) the title in the’king class’of motor sports.

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