Ferrari completely announces new engine

The fact that Ferrari 2020 threatens the worst Formula One season in 40 years is also related to the current engine. If the Scuderia had the strongest power unit last year, this superiority disappeared after numerous technical guidelines and a secret deal with the FIA. The Ferrari engine is the worst in the field this year.

Hope makes team leader Mattia Binotto in an interview with the Corriere della Sera”, in which he announces for the coming season 2021:”The engine will be completely new. He has been on the test bench for months now.”Ferrari could at least catch up in this respect. However, this does not mean that Ferrari would immediately be victorious.

Because Binotto also makes it clear that the 2021er car will “necessarily be an evolution” of the current SF1000. And the team leader has always stressed that 2020 is not just the engine that is the problem. Among other things, the current Bolide has too much air resistance because it was assumed to have a PS advantage in the development.

Ferrari believes in possibilities of further development

“2019 we were able to cover the limits of the car with the engine,” says Binotto. This is no longer the case in 2020. And the rules allow only limited development between 2020 and 2021. A problem for teams like Ferrari who are lagging behind.” But there are possibilities,”Binotto says optimistically. However, 2020 is no longer a big step to be expected.

For example, Scuderia will bring some updates to the upcoming Sochi race. But Binotto already made it clear in this context: “There will be smaller upgrades, but that will not change the big picture.” One will “need a little more time” to get it back to the front.

It remains to be seen whether this will be the case already 2021 or only in the following years. Ferrari is currently in sixth place in the World Championship of Construction. Worse was cut off in the last 1980’s, when the World Cup ended only in rank ten.