FIA calls for a state of emergency for motor sports

The World Motorsport Association FIA has responded to the Corona crisis and has called for a kind of state of emergency. In order to overcome the current challenges without delay and in accordance with the statutes, among other things, the power of FIA President Jean Todt is officially and limited in time.

The Frenchman is now allowed to make urgent decisions concerning the end of the 2020-season, virtually alone. However, each measure should be preceded by consultation with colleagues in the FIA leadership.

With regard to formula 1, changes to the already very thin calendar are now only a case for the FIA and the Royal Class Management. The first eight races of the season have already been postponed or cancelled in the course of the Corona pandemic, as many as possible are to be followed. To this end, measures such as shorter racing weekends and an extension of the season until January 2021 are also being discussed.

In addition to these adjustments, the FIA World Motorsport Council confirmed further measures by e-vote. For example, certain changes to the rules in the Corona crisis may already be decided with the team’s 60-percent approval. In addition, the change of rule from 2021 to 2022 has now been officially decided.