Fighting Vettel wants to start a revolution in Canada

Despite the disappointing start of the season with Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel’s ambition is unbroken. This was insured by the 31-year-old of the car picture motor sport”in a post.

“Formula 1 still gives me extremely much fun, and I still have something to do at Ferrari,”said Vettel. The four-time World Champion is still waiting for his first title with the Italian racing stadium, where he is under contract until 2020.

The German announced, Despite the long delay in defending the title Lewis Hamilton for this year.

“We will try again this season to bring about the turn,” he said. The upcoming Grand Prix in Canada next weekend should be the beginning. There Vettel had won last year.

The car was good, he said. “The car was good.” But we’re still getting to know it. Particularly the optimal interaction with the tyres has become more difficult this season. The others have managed this better so far,”said Vettel.

With 82 points he occupies rank three in the driver’s rating, Hamilton leads with 137 counters in front of his Finnish Mercedes colleague Valtteri Bottas, who until now has imported 120 points.