First best time in Mexico

World Champion Lewis Hamilton took it easy five days after his coronation, At Mercedes-rival Nico Rosberg, fire broke out of the wheels for a short period of time.

Neither one of the two silver arrows nor the second Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari entered as the first training fastest on the return of formula 1 to Mexico City. This was reserved for the just 18-year-old Dutchman Max Verstappen.

The Toro-Rosso pilot needed 1:25990 minutes on his fastest lap on the only 4304 kilometer long course. The second was the Russian Daniil Kwjat of Red Bull before Kimi Ruykkings and his German teammate Vettel. Rosberg followed in place six, Hamilton in rank eleven. Nico Hilkenberg was in Force India 16.

In the second and significantly faster unit in the afternoon it was Rosberg who provided the peak time of the day in 1:21531 minutes. Once again, Kwjat made it to second place, followed by his teammate Daniel Ricciardo. Hamilton and Vettel occupied the squares four and five. At the very beginning of the flight, the only people allowed to watch the traffic stopped after a departure.

Just in the second when the route was cleared in the morning at 10.00 o’clock local time, there was operation on the short course. Because it was necessary to collect important information and data. Since the motorcade Hermanos Rodriguez is in height of more than 2200 meters, the air is correspondingly thin and the formula 1 of such conditions has not been used since the last race 1992 in Mexico.

First the Venetian pastor Maldonado went on the route in the Lotus, Vettel ranked third. Champion Hamilton didn’t wait too long either. All pilots, however, first completed only a few so-called installation rounds, before the first rider to drive a bicycle on a partly wet track. But his 1:37196 minutes were quickly a waste.

The tip changed again and again. With every lap on the course that celebrates its return to the Formula One calendar after 23 years, the riders got a better grip on it.

Then suddenly flames struck from the rear wheels of Rosberg’s silver arrow. He had strayed somewhat from the ideal line and to prevent a collision into the roadway wall, he fully climbed on the brakes. They overheated. In the box they let the brakes cool down before the current WM-third went out again.

In the classification the 30-year-old born Wiesbaden has four points left behind on the second-placed Vettel. With the fastest lap of the day he also had a reason to rejoice after the frustration of Austin. The 28-year-old Vettel wants to defend the rank behind World Champion Hamilton not only in Mexico, but until the end of the season.

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